An Introduction…

I’m Anna. I’m a Stay-at-Home Mom. My children are 6 months and 2 so it’s pretty exciting here all the time. I’ve been married for almost three years to my better half, Dave.

But more about me! I’m 30 ½ years old. Yikes. Before I was a SAHM, I was a Waldorf teacher. I enjoy long walks on the beach and wine. I am also struggling with Postpartum depression, PTSD, depression and anxiety. Some of what you find here might be to do with my journey and recovery process. But I also like to explore the hilarious side of parenting. I never take myself or my children too seriously and I believe that is a great gift I can give them.

You might also find stuff about Attachment Parenting, peaceful parenting, gentle discipline, and our journey from a fast food family to a whole food family. And there could be some stuff about childhood illness and coping with it.

Financial ruin!! I’m also escaping from financial ruin and I’ll be talking about that a little. But not much because what a freakin’ bummer!

I reserve the right to completely veer off topic at any time and talk about something unrelated to all of the above.

Fun facts: My first concert was Debbie Boone. I vow to do a better job with my children…Debbie Boone mom? Really?

I have a 25 lb. cat. He is more work than the children usually.

I have no more fun facts. Sorry.


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