greasy hair…

We all have our “cute” periods.   There are times in our past where we looked cuter and tried harder than at other times.  With zero exceptions, I can say that the period I’m in now is possibly the least flattering one I’ve been in since I was a freshman in college and I bought all of my clothes too big which, as we know, is not flattering on anyone.  I guess I thought that I would look thinner if my clothes were too big but I just looked like someone whose clothes were too big.  Thanks freshmen 30!

This led to a reasonably cute period and a slump and a super hot, gorgeous period where I’d really hit my stride in terms of weight, clothes, attitude and completely amazing hair.  I also learned that a person really should actually pose for pictures just a little…or just full on pose like Tyra.  And then I met my husband and then I got pregnant and then it all went to hell.

So many times I’ve heard that women “let themselves go” after they have kids. I have a few theories as to why this happens.

#1 Clothing Options

I’ve spoken about this before because it occupies a good part of my mental energy.  Have you ever tried to buy pants after you’ve had a baby?  Well not only does it suck but you aren’t gonna find a pair of pants that fit.  I’m not talking about right after.  I’m talking about months after.  If I find a pair of pants that seem to fit, they stretch out and start falling down immediately.  If they fit in the butt, they do not fit in the waist.  If they fit what used to be your waist, they will be five sizes too big everywhere else.  I wear lots of skirts.  I don’t mean beautiful, dressy skirts.  I’m talking about a tie-dyed skirt made out of t-shirt material. 

#2  Time

Imagine you are trying to get somewhere before noon.  Well unless you leave the children in the dirty diapers and pajamas to concentrate on yourself, you are going to be going there without makeup.  I only wear makeup to weddings now.  It’s not that I don’t feel great when I do manage to do my face up.  I just don’t have time!  And if I try to do it anywhere near my 2 year old son, well you know how two year olds are.

#3  You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling

Not loving feeling but you’ve definitely lost that feeling of “oh I look great and I’m very confident!”  My feet are too fat for heels and I’m really off-balanced.  My hair is probably greasy and may not have been washed in days.  I spend my days covered in tiny people’s poop, pee, spit up, throw up, and many other terrible things.  Its hard to feel awesome and cool and gorgeous under these conditions.  Why should I put on a silk blouse if its going to be covered in a bodily fluid in less than two minutes time? 

These are the top three reasons that mothers of young children look the way they do.  Some manage to look put together and great and they must just not get the four to five hours of broken up sleep that I usually do.  (Lack of sleep is #4). 

I’m working on improving this situation.  I once saw a mom in Wal-mart and her hair looked like it hadn’t been washed in a month.  There were FOUR children in her cart.  They were all small, screaming, and acting like typical children.  I very much did not want to be her.  I wanted to hug her but I wouldn’t trade places with her for a million dollars.

I have no answer to this situation.  I’m still working on it.  I’m trying to invent a time machine so I can get some sleep, get where I’m trying to go on time or close to on time, put on clean clothes and wash my hair, AND wear makeup.  I’ll keep you posted.


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