travelling part 2

Travelling part 2

Actually, once we got on the plane, things started going a bit better.  We got out our laptop and got Ezra set up with his favorite movie “Cars.”  I am going to go ahead and admit that although I am a Waldorf teacher and I don’t like media for kids…well, my kids have media.  I guess I should write a post about why sometime.  On an airplane?  The more media the better!  Bring on the media!

The baby nursed through take off and then went to sleep.  Babies on planes are pretty easy, especially nursing babies.  Toddlers are a little more difficult.  You will have to be a one-man travelling entertainment show.  Things you will need (and the reason why your carryon luggage is so abundant):  cars, coloring book, crayons, stickers, snacks, more snacks (NOTHING SUGARY!), more cars, books and more snacks.  Replace cars with whatever your child is interested in playing with for hours on end.

Warning!!!  I spent a good 2/3rds of the flight crawling around and trying to reach cars that had been thrown unceremoniously into the floor.  I advise being very flexible to do this.  I am not flexible at all, so…

You will also need a boat load of water.  We, of course, had no water because we missed any opportunity to buy water because we were busy running through the airport so we wouldn’t miss our flight.  We needed about 8x the water provided by the flight attendants and kept having to ask for more.  We had a super thirsty toddler. 

If your child will go to sleep on a flight, sit back and read your People magazine!  If not, forget your magazine!  You will be singing, dancing, playing, cooking, and much more!  AND you will do all of this in your four square inch seat! 

Normally, connecting flights kind of suck.  With kids?  They suck less.  It will give you a chance to run your toddler around the airport for a bit.  We were very grateful for a break between flights.  However, airports can be dangerous.  My son found a chocolate store and because we were beat down and tired…we gave in and bought a ton of Rocky Mountain Chocolate. 

Another thing that might happen is that you and your spouse or partner may feel some tense moments.  This is all due to the children you have together.  By the end of your return trip, you will not be friends.  Don’t worry, once you sleep for 17 hours you will have forgotten why you were mad.  The Rocky Mountain Chocolate store might also help ease the tension. 

What have we learned here, people?  We have learned that you must bring just about everything you own.  If possible, bring two or three nannies.  Absolutely take your private plane!  If you just take your private plane, everything will be much easier. 


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