The Night That the Lights Went Out

We do not cope well when the power goes out.  I like to pretend that I’m not as addicted to the technology as I really am.  But take it away?  Mayhem.  We don’t know why we lost power for two hours but I’m a little disappointed that we were basically freaking out the entire time.

So here’s how it went down.  We were literally saying goodnight and sending young master off to bye-night (that’s what he calls bedtime, how adorable is that?) and the power goes out.  We panicked because we don’t remember when the bill is due and then we remember that it’s not due yet and the neighbors are also out of power. 

We stood around in shock for a few minutes and then leapt to action and started finding candles.  We still have about 300 candles left over from our wedding and candles all over the house.  We don’t, however, have a working flashlight because our son breaks them all as soon as possible upon obtaining one.  Let’s face it, toddlers and flashlights are a deadly combination.  Not only are you getting blinded by the flashlight being shone directly into your eyeballs at close range, but it is also happening at a rapid rate and it feels like you are inside of Pokemon.  I believe that can bring on seizures.  I would be interested to know the rate of parents of toddlers having seizures as caused by flashlights. 

The candles got lit with great speed and then we realized we had nothing else to do.  Ezra was begging to go to bed so he must have really been tired but no one wanted to put him to bed.  Why?  Because our son is also addicted to technology and needs it to go to sleep.

In an effort to make our preciouses feel as safe and secure as we can, new parents will add things like a sound machine with a little projector on the ceiling shining the moon and stars around.  You might also add a night light that shines safari animals on the ceiling.  I’m going to take this opportunity to recommend against this because of possible power outages. 

Since Ezra’s friends, “Star and Moon,” were not available tonight, young master had to talk to his daddy.  There was no gentle rain nor safari animals, so the bedtime routine took a lot longer and involved some improv. 

No power means no buzzing sounds and no noise and the adults in the house were tripping around in the dark waking up children and causing various damage to the house.  Filling a Brita in the dark is no picnic.  Neither is eating mini cupcakes.  And at least one of us was wearing a headlamp and mopping and I won’t be releasing information around who that was. 

There were outside forces at work tonight, literally.  Our neighbors came whooping outside and literally moved a tractor before firing up their generator while they yelled.  I love these neighbors.  They are unapologetic about their noise level and introduced themselves as the “noisy neighbors,” and no one minds.  There was a lot of colorful language and imagery flying around and it was the only entertainment we had.  They had still not gotten the generator to work when the power blinked on.

I think I felt just shock and awe at first.  Like I was experiencing electricity for the first time even though we’d been in the dark for less than two hours and I was on my iPhone pretty much the whole time.  Then half of the children woke up because every light in the house was on when the power returned. 

I think we need to work on survival skills.


I have some random thoughts to share/discuss:

Beyonce.  First of all, her name is so dramatic that spellcheck thinks its spelled wrong.  Secondly, Beyonce really loves Beyonce.  We should all love ourselves as much as Beyonce loves herself.  I’m not even being sarcastic, I really mean it.  I thought she was great at the Super Bowl.  I didn’t watch any of the game because I don’t care.  She was great and who doesn’t love a good Destiny’s Child reunion?  Two thumbs up.  Also, haters gonna hate but Beyonce doesn’t care.

I got a great appointment book for $1.50 today.  Awesome.

The end.


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