*I started writing this a week ago and I got super busy with work so I just finished… 

Here we are.  We’ve been married for three years.  I have learned a lot about myself and about Husband in three years.  I am pretty sure we both have a lot left to learn but I LOVE to learn so I’m perfectly ok with that. 

I think we’ve learned that marriage can be awesome and terrible all in one day!  He knows that I’m as stubborn as a mule and bossy.  I have a temper and I can be really mean and hateful.  I’m a horrible monster when I get too tired or too hungry.  Yes, I am also extremely awesome but being married to the extremely awesome version of me is not nearly as hard as being married to the too tired and too stubborn version. 

Yes, we have a sappy love story.  I hope everyone has a sappy love story. 

We met at a party.  Technically, we knew each other already but only sort of.  So we met at a Halloween party.  I was dressed as a bad witch and Husband was dressed as a zookeeper?  If you know him, you know that he doesn’t dress up.  So to be fair, he was dressed as himself with a kangaroo pinned to his shoulder.  At least I think it was a kangaroo.

I knew Husband was the one when my cats liked him.  I have a nutty, little cat that is terrified of everyone and everything.  She is like the cat version of me.  I suspected that I would marry Husband the day he announced that he’d pet the crazy cat, to be known as Crazel from this point on.  No male person had ever touched her (except one and he was SORRY he’d done it) and she gives most men the crazy-eyes. 

I met his family a month later and he met mine a month after that.  Now we have two children and three cats and just so much. 

We share our anniversary with Wills and Kate which pretty much makes us all best friends forever. 


Happy Anniversary husband.  Three years ago, I was unknowingly eating road fries, french fries that were dropped in the parking lot, picked up and returned to the bag because are fries litter or not? Today we are watching “Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure” and I will barely let anyone eat fries at all whether or not they’ve made contact with pavement.

The awesome thing about our marriage is all the space we’ve given each other to grow.  I’m even more of a hippie now than I was the day we met.  Now I make us use homemade toothpaste.  And Husband hasn’t even left me!  He didn’t even complain out loud when I watched the entire series of “My Fair Wedding with David Tutera” for the third time.  I didn’t know I loved “Top Gear” so thanks for that too. 

Thank you Husband for marrying me and for being such a great dad.  One day, I promise, our children will be gone to college or living with a girlfriend that we don’t like and we will be able to sleep as much as we want.


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