To M, on her wedding


Most of my early memories have one thing in common and that is Meghan.  She is present in many of them.  She is my first cousin, sister, one of my first friends and tomorrow she is getting married.  Wow.  It seems completely weird that we are old enough for things like weddings and babies, but here we are. 

M has many wonderful gifts and talents.  She never cries at movies.  We would leave a movie and I would look like everyone had died and she would look very calm and collected.  Calm and collected is her signature mode of operation.  My polar opposite.  She has beautiful handwriting.  Everything I’ve ever written down, M has rewritten.  I have the handwriting of a drunk doctor so this was entirely necessary and hilarious.  She is lovely and kind and has beautiful hair that I have envied my whole life.  She is also super organized.  She can back a tank into a compact car parking space.

We were born friends and are a year apart in age.  We grew up together, literally.  We’ve had many exciting adventures such as the time I fed her poison berries.  Sorry about that.  I’m glad we both lived!  Once, we got into a literal knock-down, drag-out in Burger King, possibly over a cardboard crown.  We had some mandatory fun at Hungry Mother when our mothers forced (yes, forced) us to swim in a thirty degree lake.  It was super fun.  The pictures would indicate otherwise.  My whole life is full of Meghan and I’m very lucky to have her.  My car even bears her mark.  😉

There was a time when we weren’t close.  Growing pains.  But my heart still broke when hers did.  And when we were friends again, it was effortless, like going home.

And now she is getting married to a wonderful man that we all love.  I just had to take a little break so I could weep. 

Oh, M.  I am so happy for you.  Marriage is wonderful and it is also really hard.  There is something to get divorced about every day.  There is also something wonderful every day.  That is how it is supposed to be.  There is something to learn every day.  As long as you keep your heart open, you are doing it right.  My only advice is this:  always compromise and never go to bed angry. 

I hope that tomorrow is one of the most beautiful days of your life.  I hope it is the beginning of a million beautiful days.  I know our little Gracie will be watching over you tomorrow as always. 

I don’t know how to end.  So…break a leg.



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