Where have I been?

Ok.  Annythemommy has been busy.  I haven’t been blogging and I’m making a conscious effort RIGHT NOW to fix that. 

What have I been doing?  Having a very stressful summer!  Woohoo!

I’ve been doing lots of brave things lately.  Dealing with difficult things.  And I’m a little tired.  Fine but a little bit weary like I literally want to sit around and watch the Kardashians all day long.  Marathon style.  Instead, I’ll just take my kids out to play and stuff.  But I would like to award all moms everywhere a big fat award for dealing with stuff all day long every day, raising kids, and making everything wonderful (dads too).  And cooking.  And scooping the cat litter occasionally. 

In the past few weeks, we’ve had a new job, a burst eardrum, hives all around, yucky student loan stuff, and so much more!

So I’m going to spend what’s left of naptime sitting around.  There are some posts on the way.  One is about how amazing toddlers are when they aren’t shoving their sisters down. 



One thought on “Where have I been?

  1. My blogging has been MIA this summer too. We’ve also had hives around here. And shingles. An ear infection instead of a burst ear drum. And yucky neighbourhood stuff to deal with: break-ins, used drug needles in public spaces, etc. Let’s hope that things are returning to normal for both of us!

    By the way, is the new jobs yours? I am all out of the loop.

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