10 Things I Hate About Today

I am trying this new positivity thing with my life.  But Tuesdays don’t care about things like people and their striving.  Tuesdays only care about making people cry.  So in an effort to clear out the negative energy surrounding me and my storm cloud of a mood, I thought I’d write about it.  Here are the ten worst things about today:

1)       Everyone got up at 6.  Why?  Whyyyyyyy? 

 2)       I let someone make me feel bad.  I let someone that I don’t even like make me feel bad.  Just so we are all clear though, pretentiousness is not cute or quirky. 

 3)       My children were THOSE children today at story hour.  Bunch of little buttheads.  I looked and felt like I became a mom this morning at 6 am for the first time ever. 

 4)      I’m terrible at meeting new people and making new friends.  How does it work?  I have no idea.  Best friend, come home please. 

 5)      Burned the eggs. 

 6)      Hit a kitten the other night with my car and I still feel like a HORRIBLE monster so let’s just add that to today.

 7)      Epic tantrums from both children at the library.  That’s right.  Epic humiliation for Mommy.  Adding library to the list of places we can’t go.

 8)      Found mouse poop.  Battle with mice in very old house continues.

 9)      Birthday at story hour.  My kid can’t eat the goldfish treats because they are full of things he can’t eat.  I feel bad.  He feels bad.  Why are all celebrations so food oriented?  Can’t we do birthday stickers?  I desperately don’t want to be that mom but I have no choice.

 10)    E started breaking out at the library.  I don’t know if it was the granola bar that someone was eating or just because it is that kind of day.  He was playing with toys other people were playing with.  Did one of them eat a hot dog?  I guess I have to wipe down everything ever.  Often when he breaks out, he throws a major fit.  So he did just that.  Also I was scared.  I hate being alone when he blows up with hives.  Further reason to never leave the house.

 11)    I guess there are 11 things I hate about today.  There are literally two sides to every story people and until you’ve heard my side, feel free to not judge me about what you think you know.  Bam.  That was some passive aggressive Facebook behavior thrown in because I felt like it.


Dear Wednesday,

I will try to improve my attitude if you will do something about Tuesdays.  Thanks.



2 thoughts on “10 Things I Hate About Today

  1. 10 things I love about you.

    1.) You wake up with your children every morning and love them. How effing awesome is that?!

    2.) You don’t feel the need to act “holier than thou” on social media because you are already freakin’ awesome. Why broadcast? To this – I salute you.

    3.) You are brave and you try to take your children to enriching programs at libraries.

    4.) You don’t try to make friends with people by drowning them in booze and hoping they are still there when everyone sobers up. That’s tricky, my friend. Your honesty and kindness will gain you many friends, but since most people spend their time fishing friends out of a party/bar setting it’s hard to move into the “making adult friends” phase. It will come. And David will help you, because it will be hard when you are tasseled to children. ❤

    5.) You eat and feed your family super foods like eggs.

    6.) That was probably Rugby's brother coming to move in…

    7.) You have passed on your great diaphragm to your children! Way to go!

    8.) You're pretty.

    9.) You're sweet.

    10.) You're honest to everyone even when they don't deserve it.

    I love you!!!

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